Religion vs Atheism


A secular state?

The Czech Republic is one of Europe´s most secular states - some say that Atheism became the state´s religion. The reason that the majority of Czechs are considered not to believe in a god lies in the Czech history.

The communist regime was strongly against any religion, always promoting atheism. Being religious limited people´s freedom and life security. This political influence had such an impact on Czech people that they started to hide their religious beliefs. To be an atheist became a popular non-conflict stand-point. However, it is also a result of ignorance.

Although there still is an aversion to religion and the prevailing response is scepticism, half of the Czech population nowdays believes in some kind of higher power.

Religion is still a sensitive topic and the reaction of most people is reserved and suspicious. The attitude of not inclining either to be or not to be a believer is very well illustrated by a Czech fictional character, Jára Cimrman, and his feelings about religion: "I am such an utter atheist, that I am afraid God will punish me".

(Written by a local journalist.)