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We invite you to correspond with us - we'd love to hear from you (Proverb 25:25). The fastest, and easiest way is through one of the email addresses listed below. You are also free to call us on the telephone (remember we're +6 hours ahead of Eastern Time). Letters and postcards are greatly appreciated, and can be sent to the mailing address below. Packages can also be sent to the same address (If you plan to send us a package, please contact us before sending it).

Our Telephone
(011)  420 777 227 020

Internet Phone
(204) 809-2458

Our mailing address
Kyselovska 21
772 00   Olomouc
Czech Republic

Email Addresses
The Kids:

Or we can be contacted through our home church
Grace Ind. Bible Baptist Church
Springfield, MO 65801
Pastor Dennis W. Norwood
Telephone: (417) 869-8226